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Medical health emergencies are never to be ignored. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances in life is not just a necessity these days, but also a smart move in terms of being financially secure. You need to be in a position to afford the best treatment as well as the medical expenses that come with it. How do you do that? The answer is Short Term Health Insurance. 

Agile Health Insurance is an affordable Short-term health insurance provider that aims to offer the cheapest plans based on your budget and requirement. A report from Reuters suggests that the market for Gap Health Insurance has seen a steady rise ever singe 2014. More people are turning away from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and instead choosing other beneficial insurance options. 

So how much can you save with Agile Health Insurance? 

With plans starting from just $99/month, a term insurance from Agile Health Insurance can help you save up to $204/month!! That translates to about 50% lower premiums when compared to Obamacare’s entry plans.  

In this review, we’ll dissect Agile Health Insurance to find out if there’s any truth to the statements made above.

Agile Health Insurance – What is it?

Agile Health Insurance is an online insurance provider of highly affordable & inexpensive Short-term insurance options. The company is a nationally licensed agency which partners with many significant insurance companies that are A+ Superior rated by the insurance industry ratings firm AM Best Rating Services. You can simply log in to compare from around 5,000 different Gap health insurance options to choose one that is exactly tailored to your requirement.

Any individual on a monthly payroll when pushed to a medical emergency will not able to meet the medical expenses of his or her family. With Agile Health Insurance, you will not face the heat of added charges of expensive surgeries as well as A-rated hospitals. The medical insurance also offers you the facility of routine health checkups along with preventive healthcare. 

What are the Different Types of Insurances offered by Agile Health Insurance?

 Following are few of the health insurances offered by Agile Health Insurance from which you can choose the one which fits your requirements:

  • Short-Term Health Insurance

This type of insurance is quite suitable if you are looking for a term plan which covers a short period of time. With this insurance, you have the flexibility to decide the time you will need this insurance. It is also quite affordable for all individuals because of the lower premiums when compared to Life Insurance plans. Such flexibility is both financially beneficial as well as welcoming. In addition to this, such insurance is also approved very quickly. This insurance plan is ideal for students and individuals looking for cheaper health insurance.

  • Health Benefit Indemnity Insurance

Such insurance covers most of your common medical conditions. This insurance will help you cover a medical event and also pays a fixed sum of money. It offers supplemental medical insurance in case of accidents as well as in illnesses which include non-insurance items such as pharmacy as well as telemedicine. In such a type of insurance, you will get paid directly and you can choose to spend the amount in whatever way you want. This insurance can be used as a temporary health plan in case you are waiting for major health coverage. 

Why should you go with Agile Health Insurance?

When compared to other healthcare plans such as Obamacare, Agile Health Insurance offers the following key benefits:

  • Pricing: The cost of any Agile Healthcare insurance is less than half the cost of insurance offered by general insurance companies.
  • Freedom: The insurance offered can be used in any hospital and for any doctor.
  • Flexibility: This insurance can be bought at any time without any blackout dates.
  • Financial strength: All the policies underlined in Agile Health Insurance are written by strong financial companies that benefit YOU in every way.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are few other compelling reasons as to why you should sign up for Agile Health Insurance. Few of such reasons are as follows:

  • Price guarantee: The Company guarantees you that the insurance you receive from Agile Health insurance with respect to short-term health insurance plans is at the lowest possible price.
  • Wide variety of health plans: The Company offers over 5,000 diverse short-term Health Insurance plans.
  • Online approval: With Agile Health Insurance, you can easily compare different insurance plans online and receive an approval within 8 minutes of applying for the same. 

Comparison of Agile Health insurance with other Insurance Providers

  • Agile Health Insurance pays either directly to you or to the healthcare institute where you are carrying out your medical check-ups. The decision to spend or to save the benefit is completely dependent on you. The other major medical insurance provider directly makes payments towards the medical service provider. Even though such major medical insurance offers you high dollar protection, they ask for a huge premium.
  • Once the online approval is completed, you can benefit from medical coverage right from the next day onward. This is not possible with several other providers who require additional time for processing.
  • The Premium paid for an insurance plan from Agile Health Insurance doesn’t increase during the coverage period. 

What does Agile Health Insurance Cover?

  • Prescription drugs coverage: With Agile Health Insurance, you will be offered a drug discount card. In case of a new small-term insurance plan, the same is available only for generic drugs.  However, such drugs should not be associated with any pre-existing medical condition.
  • Maternity and Newborn: If you face any complications during your pregnancy or at the time of delivery, then you will be offered maternity coverage.
  • Coverage of any pre-existing conditions: Whenever you apply for a short-term insurance plan, your insurance request goes through a series of evaluations with respect to your health status as well as pre-existing medical conditions. Only after strict evaluation, your insurance request is approved.


  • The insurance plans offered by Agile Health Insurance are quite affordable
  • There is no enrollment period while availing an insurance plan
  • The terms and conditions mentioned in Agile Health Insurance plans are quite flexible
  • The insurance plan observes No Premium hikes
  • The insurance plan also promises supplemental insurance benefits unlike other providers
  • You can apply for such a type of insurance at any point of time without any blackout periods
  • You are also eligible for a discount on prescription with Agile Health Insurance Plans.


If you are looking forward to a legitimate healthcare plan for you and your family, then Agile Health Insurance could be your go-to choice. The insurance not only covers the expenses through direct payment benefits but also covers non-insurance items such as telemedicine. With much lower deductibles compared to Obamacare, flexible term plans, and thousands of providers to choose from, you are guaranteed to get the most affordable term option in the nation. We totally recommend Agile Health Insurance if you are seeking a true companion in the form of short term insurance which will stand by you in your hard times.

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