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Hello all. My name is Gary Anderson and I’m 36 years old. I work as an Accountant and I’m here to tell you how and why I got my life insurance without paying a BOMB for the premium or going through countless hurdles.

Life is uncertain. Pretty much everyone knows that. But even in this uncertain future, there is a sure-fire way to protect the future of those you love. Life Insurance serves as a very vital tool of financial security for your loved ones once. We all practice several things to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. But chronic illnesses, as well as accidents happen sometimes resulting in an unexpected demise. 

Being a father of two kids, I knew I had a lot of responsibility, especially since I was the only working member of the family. It is extremely important that your loved ones are financially taken care of after you have gone. Life insurance offers that protection to your family, especially in case of an untimely death. 

But going through the various insurance options available in the market, I was unable to decide upon the right provider. 

It was then that one of my best friends introduced me to Agile Life Insurance, and that’s when I realized I found the perfect choice for life insurance.

Let me explain all your questions in this comprehensive review.

What’s Agile Life Insurance?

Agile Life Insurance is an online platform where consumers and browse and compare the numerous life insurance policies and zero in on the best one that fits their needs. As per a detailed survey conducted by the company in Sept. 2019 – 

  • Nearly 65% of Americans had life insurance
  • Out of this, 30% of individuals had a coverage amount of $49,999 or less
  • Only 15% of individuals had a coverage amount of $350,000 or more

If your family is suddenly forced into a situation with mounting debt and huge medical bills, life insurance is the only way out.

Agile Life Insurance makes it easier for you to choose and pick a policy that is customized for you. All you have to do is visit the website and click on “Get a Quote”. Furnish your details such as date of birth, zip code, etc., to be provided a host of quotes from the top insurance companies of the nation for easy comparison. Once you find a policy that is right for you, just go ahead and apply.

The Types of Insurances offered:

There are basically two different types of life insurance: Permanent and Term Life. The main differences between the two are the policy length and the cost of the insurance. Following are few of the life insurances offered by Agile Life Insurance from which you can choose the one which fits your requirements:

  • Term Life Insurance

In such a type of life insurance, the policy is active for a pre-determined amount of time like 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years. The life insurance expires after the term ends. The policyholder will then have to choose a new policy. The advantage of a term life insurance is that it is quite cheap and meets the short-term needs of the policyholder. The underwriting process for a new term plan will result in a higher rate as the age of the policyholder would also have increased.

Another advantage of the term life insurance plan is that you can fix the same rate for the complete policy length and the payout amount. For younger individuals, the premium can be quite cheaper when compared to other life insurances.

  • Whole Life insurance

The most common type of Permanent Life Insurance is the “Whole Life” insurance. In such a policy, the premium rates are fixed and do not increase with time. The advantage of the whole life insurance is that it has an actual cash value and the coverage continues till you pay the premium.

  • Universal Life Insurance

With respect to universal life insurance, the policyholder can change the amount which he or she is paying for the policy along with the death benefit. It is also known as “adjustable insurance” due to its flexible nature. This type of insurance is ideal for individuals who wish to increase or decrease the premiums as well as the benefit levels based on their current financial situation. 

What is the Process of Applying for Agile Life Insurance?

Applying for Agile life Insurance is quite easy and can be completed right from your living room. No more wasting time visiting insurance companies to get quotes and no more spending time to talk to insurance agents over the phone.

The entire application process can be completed online.

It starts with selecting the type of insurance along with the coverage. Remember to select a payout amount that caters to the needs of your family. In addition, you can also get a free quote online prior to starting anything. After you select the policy, you can complete the application process online by providing the required information.

During the underwriting process, you will be asked to provide your complete medical records to date or will have to undertake a new medical exam. You will also have to undergo a telephonic interview with a representative of the insurance company. After the approval, you will receive detailed information with respect to the chosen policy along with the policy cost, death benefit amount as well as beneficiary list. The life insurance coverage starts once you sign the policy documents.

What is the cost of Agile Life Insurance?

Did you know that with Agile Life Insurance, you can get coverage for such low monthly premiums as $29/month?

The cost of life insurance is dependent on the plan you choose. Usually, policies with higher payouts have higher monthly premiums. When you are going through the various insurance plans, you need to select the coverage amount while considering factors like your liabilities and assets, the potential income you can earn in your lifetime, existing insurance as well as family expenses.

The cost of the policy is also reliant on the underwriting process. The insurance company will consider factors such as your age, health condition as well as lifestyle before deciding upon the rate. Individuals with poor health conditions will have to pay more when compared to individuals who have no prior history of medical conditions. The medical history of your family is also considered while determining the premium amount.

The cost of a Term life insurance is quite less when compared to a Whole Life Insurance. The same is depicted with an example below –

On an average basis, a healthy person will have to pay $68/month if he or she is between the ages of 18 and 70 in case of a Term Life Insurance policy with a payout of $250,000. 

A woman of age 50 will have to pay approximately $102/month for a 20-year term life policy with a payout of $1,000,000. 

In case of a 30-year policy with the same payout, the monthly cost would be $196. 

Therefore, it would cost the woman $1,480 on a monthly basis to have a Whole Life Insurance policy. If she opts for a universal plan then she can select a lower amount. But this would decrease the death benefit.


  • The most affordable life insurance policy in the country – starts at just $29/mo premium
  • Hundreds of policies to choose from and compare
  • Medical exam not required to apply 
  • Premium and licensed insurance providers
  • Free & instant quotes without any obligation
  • Get instant approvals subject to proper documentation
  • Option to avail Dismemberment Insurance & Accidental Death Insurance
  • Free travel memberships and additional health benefits


As per a recent study from 2018, it has been revealed that around 60% of Americans have one kind of life insurance or the other. If you do not have the same, you are in the minority league. With life insurance, there is a guaranteed payment of the lump-sum amount to the designated beneficiaries once you’re no longer there to support them. 

I got my 30-year term insurance policy paying a premium of just $205/mo for a coverage amount of $1 Million. I’m sure I got the best deal with Agile Life Insurance when compared to any other provider.

Go ahead and make the best choice you’ll ever make by investing in a life insurance policy with Agile Life Insurance!

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