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Ever wondered how it feels to be living in pain? Well, it is excruciating and all-consuming, especially if we are talking about Chronic pains.

Chronic pains or even sporadic pains are too much to deal with. They can take over a person’s mind and body and restrict them from being able to work or even rest. The only time of the day they find peace is when they are deep asleep; that too if the pain lets them sleep.

Going to a doctor means a handful of medicines that might or might not work on the pain. But one thing they will do for sure is cause havoc in the system as most pain-relieving medications bring with them a bundle of side-effects, such as nausea and acidity, including major side effects such as kidney and liver dysfunction and internal bleeding.

In this painful time, Kevin Richardson, from Nutrioma Labs, the designer and curator of a life-altering drug – Arctic Blast, found what we needed.  

Arctic Blast – What is it?

Arctic Blast is a sigh of relief for those who have been going through the agony of pain. It is an all-natural pain reliever that claims to treat every form of pain – especially joint pains. Whether you have been complaining of back pain, knee pain, or neck pain, Arctic Blast can cure them all. 

But does it really work? Or, like most pharmaceutical drugs, this too is fluff?

Let’s find out. 

Arctic Blast An All-Natural Remedy for Pain

Arctic Blast is an all-natural formula of drug, designed to work as an alternative to standard pain relievers, for those who have chronic muscle and joint pains.

The drug contains an array of natural products, and the key ingredient is Dimethyl Sulfoxide which is an FDA approved natural ingredient. Other components include Aloe vera gel, Menthol oil, Camphor oil, Wintergreen oil, Emu oil and Arnica montana flower extract, which are all known for their pain-relieving benefits.

Arctic Blast is uniquely designed, keeping in mind the ease of use and natural relief from pain. Hence, unlike most pharmaceutical ingestible drugs, Arctic Blast is a topical solution, which is liquid-based and comes with a dropper. Apply a few drops and massage into the area for instant relief.

How is Arctic Blast Any Different Than Other Pain Relievers?

As mentioned earlier, Arctic Blast contains a variety of natural ingredients that work towards healing the pain. The main ingredient is Dimethyl Sulfoxide, which is commonly known as DMSO. 

The history of DMSO and pain-relieving dates back to the 1960s. Athletes first used DMSO and it made a massive difference to their pain. It soon started getting the desired attention but since DMSO is all-natural and compared to other pharmaceutical drugs, pretty inexpensive, it was quickly driven out of the market as it opposed threat to other pharmaceutical giants of the market.

But thank God, it is back in the market with its full potential. FDA recently approved the drug, and you can now easily purchase it over the counter. 

DMSO works on the pain by immediately reducing the inflammation in the affected area, alongside blocking certain types of nerve conduction. It also increases the flow of blood to the area, which further stimulates the process of healing.

DMSO, due to its molecular structure, has the ability to penetrate right through the skin and soft tissues, quickly accessing the muscles and joints. DMSO also has anti-aging properties that help keep the joints and muscles healthy.

Safety And Side Effects

Since Arctic Blast claims to contain all-natural ingredients, it is safe to say that it causes no harm or side effects, unlike the usual pain-relieving meds that can affect your digestive tract, cause liver damage and also affect your kidneys.

However, before using any new product, it is highly recommended to consult your family physician and start by using it on a small area. Also, read the label thoroughly and tally if there is any ingredient that might cause trouble for you or not suit you. Since everybody reacts differently to all components, the results of the product may vary.


  • All-natural ingredients in Arctic Blast marks the product safe compared to the potential harm of standard medicines.
  •  Given its claim of natural ingredients, the product can be used on a regular basis, for as long as required without having to worry about the consequences. 
  • Easily applicable, compared to other ingestible drugs.
  • The company follows strict GMP standards; hence the Ingredients used in the product are tested via a third-party laboratory, which makes them legit.
  • Last but not least, the company offers a full 365 days refund, which means if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can return it any day.


  • The product is not easily accessible. It is only available online, which means it can’t be purchased readily via a store.

Final Word

All in all, the product Arctic Blast seems pretty legit. I don’t see any harm in trying out the product, mainly because it contains nothing but natural ingredients, which pose no harm to one’s health. 

To avoid being scammed, make sure you order the product from the manufacturer’s site, as the product is only available through their web page for the time being. To make sure you are getting the claimed benefits of the product, use as instructed on the label.

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