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A healthy heart is necessary to live a happy life. But the most common issue among the majority of people these days is heart issues. You know pretty well how a large number of people die due to heart attack. This raises a question in everyone’s mind “Why are these heart issues so common?” The answer is that there are many reasons. The main reason is our wrong and unhealthy diet. Eating out in fast food restaurants has become very common. It is no longer a matter of eating to relieve hunger but it is now a matter of fashion. You are considered to be backward if you don’t eat French fries or Pizza.

Another reason for the increasing number of heart dieses is lack of exercise. Modern technology was meant to make our life a little easier but we have taken it to the extent that all our work is being performed by technology now. We don’t even get up to turn off the lights of our room and just tell Alexa to do it for us. No need to walk when you can hop over a hoverboard. All these luxuries may seem like a convenient option but they are very harmful to everyone in the long run. The lack of exercise weakens our heart muscles and builds lipid in the walls of our heart.

The Facts

These are some of the common reason for heart attacks. But Adam has come up with a better explanation. He says the reason for all these issues lies within the mitochondria. When a person is born, there is a number of Mitochondria present within them. But as the age progresses, the number of Mitochondria starts to decrease. It is the powerhouse of the cell and their reduced number will make you weaker and feel tired. The reduction also makes your cell vulnerable to attack by the toxins and free radicals. The constant attack will cause a disease that is known as Congestive Heart Failure.

Mitochondria Dysfunction affects every one person out of twenty. If you make the calculation then you will realize how horrifically large this number is. People may seem to be the healthiest but deep inside they may be suffering from this disease. Adam said that if people are unaware of this issue and only realize it when it is too late. So to help everyone live longer and healthier, Adam along with his colleagues did some research and discovered some components that will help in combating this disease.

What is Cardio Clear 7?

After doing the research, Adam found the three CSP components that are Shilajit, CoQ10 and PQQ. These are actually the antioxidants that are present in the mitochondria. They perform the following role.

  • Antioxidant PQQ performs the major task of creating new Mitochondria cells. From this, you can realize how important they are. The redox factor is also present in kiwifruit and in breast milk. It is completely natural. There is nothing artificial about it. It is also called Methoxatin.
  • CoQ10 then takes up the role and fuels the mitochondria cell and then converts them into energy. It is present in concentrated form and it will help you be younger for a long time. So you don’t need to feel worried about growing age anymore.
  • Shilajit produces more CoQ10 and adds them in the Mitochondria. It increases the number of CoQ10 in your body and while doing so, also increases your energy levels. It has more benefits as well. It has a total of 85 minerals found in ionic form.


  • It has countless health benefits in which the top one is having a healthy heart.
  • It will lower your blood pressure and prevent different sorts of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It provides you with instant energy and makes you feel and look younger.
  • It is a natural dietary supplement with no side effects.
  • It is cheap and can be afforded by everyone.
  • It offers 30 days money-back guarantee so you don’t need to worry about anything.


  • The only thing bad about Cardio clear 7 is that it is not available offline.


The great thing about this supplement is that it is very affordable than all other supplements available in the market. This supplement is no less than a lifesaver. You get a healthy heart which otherwise would be very difficult to get without spending 1000s of dollars. This supplement comes in the following three offers.

  • The price of one bottle is $99.95. But they are offering the bottle at a discounted price for $49.95. This is an excellent offer as you are saving about 50% of your cash. What can be better than that? Maybe the next offer.
  • In this offer, you will be getting three bottles of this amazing supplement for the price $119.95 which otherwise will be for $299.85. This is a better option than the previous one. This way you will be saving $179.90.
  • Now let us talk about my all-time favorite offer. In this offer, you will basically be getting 6 bottles of Cardio clear 7 for the price of 4. Spend $199.95 instead of the regular price of $599.70. This way you are saving a surprising $399.95.

You will be getting some bonuses along with it that you can still keep even after you decide to return the product. Their bonuses are:

  • Fast Action Bonus#1: ‘The Diabetes Loophole Book’ of $47
  • Fast Action Bonus#2: ‘Belly Fat Furnace’ worth $97
  • Fast Action Bonus#3: ‘Conquering Chronic Pain Library’ of the price $177

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You can’t call yourself healthy if you have an unhealthy heart. Treating a heart problem is very expensive. So this supplement is a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life. We only live once so why not spend it in a better way. It is not an overnight solution. It will take time and will definitely show a result. All you need to show is consistency and dedication.

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