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Do you ever feel like there is no amount of energy left in you? All you want to do is lay all day in bed? But despite resting well, your energy levels are at zero?

Well, this sounds like a problem. 

And we have come across a potential solution; let’s see if it is up to any good.

Ironically, in this era of growing technologies, one thing that is being affected the most is our physical and mental health. The growing pollutants in our air, along with the added stress of our daily lives and the unnecessary additives in our food, have led to building unneeded toxins in our body, which have to lead to a weakened immune system, little to no energy and overall poor health.

In 2017, George Bridgeham claimed to have created a life-altering supplement that could fight every possible ailment.

Let’s find out if his claims are worth any value.

What is GRS Ultra?

In layman terms, GRS Ultra is a booster supplement. It is a formula of 3 main ingredients, capsuled together, to boost the production of antioxidants such as Glutathione in our body. Glutathione basically helps protect the cells from damage while repairing those that have already damaged. 

It keeps the cells protected against the attack of free radicals, which, according to recent studies, are the main threat to our health. 

The Claimed Effects Of GRS Ultra On Our System

GRS Ultra is manufactured by a Newyork based company named Nutra Active PVT Ltd.

The company has made considerable amounts of claims regarding the product. 

The product’s key focus is to strengthen our body’s defense mechanism against toxins, such as free radicals.

However, there are several other benefits the product claims to give:

  1. Optimal energy throughout the day.
  2. Help shed unnecessary weight.
  3. Cleanses and the gut.
  4. Optimizes liver function.
  5. Reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  6. It helps fight and maintain arthritis.
  7. Controls the levels of blood pressure.
  8. Keeps the cholesterol levels in check.
  9. It helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  10. Last but not least, fight endangering diseases.

The Key Ingredients:

GRS Ultra is made up of 3 key elements whose benefits are clinically tried and explicitly tested on humans instead of animals. These ingredients have all been proven to produce vast amounts of glutathione.

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC: This is an antioxidant that exists naturally and is the primary source of producing Glutathione in this supplement. The amount of sulfur present in this antioxidant is what helps achieve high amounts of glutathione.
  • SelenoExcell: It is a potent antioxidant, which is another excellent source of producing antioxidants, which immensely fights free radicals.
  • Red Orange Complex or ROC: this is a combination of nutrients extracted from 3 types of red-fleshed oranges, specifically those that originate from Iceland as they have enormous amounts of sulfur and selenium present in them, due to the volcanic soil they grow in. 

Why Use Supplements Such As GRS Ultra That Boost Glutathione Production?

To fully understand the need for supplements like GRS Ultra, we first need to understand what are free radicals and how they affect our system. 

When atoms or molecules, lose or gain electrons in the body, the unstable molecule or atom that forms, as a result, is the free radical.

As it is in the nature of atoms to be in pairs, free radicals to want another electron. In this case, they snatch a stable atom/molecules electron, causing massive damage. These free radicals can cause damage to cells, proteins as well as DNA. As mentioned above, research has shown Free radicals to be one of the leading causes of chronic illnesses, aging and more life-endangering ailments.

However, the human body comes with its own set of problems and solutions. Our body also produces antioxidants, which are freely running in the body to counter-attack the free-radicals. The antioxidants give/take their spare electron to the free-radical and stabilize them.

But due to the immense increase in pollution, stress, unnecessary additives, and toxins, our body has lost its capability to produce enough antioxidants to fight the enormous buildup of free radicals present in our bodies today.

For this particular reason, George Bridgeham came up with GRS Ultra, which boosts the production of Glutathione in the body, which is a top-class antioxidant produced by the body. 

Now you may wonder, why not only take a Glutathione supplement? Why go for a supplement that boosts the production of Glutathione?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. Glutathione, when ingested, gets eradicated. This means none of the promised product reaches your bloodstream; in fact, it flushes straight out of the system. So if someone claims to be taking Glutathione supplements, they are just wasting precious money.

Safety And Side Effects:

GSR Ultra is an all-natural product, and no side effects have been reported thus far. 

Though, it is vital to consult a doctor who knows your complete history, before the use of anything new. Especially when using a product that is relatively new in the market.

GRS Ultra Supplement Reviews

Final Word:

So to conclude, GSR Ultra promises excellent benefits which include freedom from most diseases, strong immunity and pact full of energy to last all day. 

The product, however, is only available online via their online portal, so make sure to order from their official website to avoid being scammed.

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