MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Review


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mind body matrix pain cream ingredients

TK Huynh’s MindBody Matrix is a pain relief cream that is designed to help reduce the pain that people feel as a result of going about their daily lives. After all, people are living longer, putting more stress on their bodies, and still suffering due to the problems associated with typical pain remedies.

Specifically, one of the biggest inhibitors to people seeking pain relief in the modern day is the simple fact that many prescriptions are highly addictive and could send someone spiraling down a path of personal neglect. However, MindBody Matrix was designed so that it is not addictive yet still provides meaningful pain relief to its users.

MindBody matrix claims that using natural herbs and remedies, it is completely possible to reduce the incidence of pain. We took a closer look at this product and here is what we found through our review of the cream.

How MindBody Matrix Helps People

The first thing that we had to look at with regard to this product is how it is supposed to help people that use it. Unlike other pain medications that have to be taken orally, MindBody Matrix is applied directly to the area in which you are in pain, most often in the back, shoulders, limbs, and more.

The product is known for being opiate-free, does not get tested on animals, and has an FDA registration to ensure that it is safe for use by the people that needs it most. Essentially, like other topical ointments, MindBody Matrix infuses the affected area with pain-relieving medication so that the individual is able to rest comfortably and without stress.

However, the thing that really sets this product apart is that does not come with the heating or cooling sensations or harsh chemical smells of some other products out there today. Instead, it relies on its ingredients to provide a calm mind and a pain-free body. With that being said, it’s important to take a closer look at what makes this product work.

What Makes MindBody Matrix Work?

One key thing that people want to understand a product before they begin rubbing it on their body is what ingredients are involved in making the product. The creator of the product started out with many years of experience in pharmacology, understanding the natural and synthetic chemicals that can be used to ease pain in those who feel it.

Based on TK Huynh’s experiences, it became clear that certain naturally occurring elements were far better for the purposes of pain relief. That is why some of the main ingredients in MindBody Matrix include:

  • Tea Tree
  • Peppermint
  • Arnica
  • Boswellia
  • Calendula
  • Chamomile
  • And several others

These ingredients are not only very useful in the area of pain relief, but they are very helpful at improving one’s mood and reducing their level of stress. However, physical pain is only one dimension of the overall problem that TK Huynh saw when looking at the causes and effects of pain.

A Unique Connection

Pain is a problem that science is still struggling to solve. However, that doesn’t mean that strides aren’t being made. After all, MindBody Matrix seeks to promote internal harmony to provide individuals with a more complete sense of pain relief.

Specifically, this pain cream concoction was designed with several other goals besides outright pain relief in mind. Specifically, it seeks stress reduction, inflammation reduction, energy connections between the mind and body, helps the user process suppressed emotions, and more. Pain is a product of the mind, so if the mind is not approached in concert with the physical element of pain, then the individual will still suffer.

With that being said, it’s still important to understand the critical difference between this product and other pain creams that are on the market today.

mindbody matrix pain relief cream reviews

Red Light- Putting a Stop to Pain

There was once an effort being put forth to get the most out of plants that were growing in tough conditions such as on space stations. The resulting experiments showed that plants that were exposed to red LED lights were superior in terms of certain natural chemical outputs.

Thus, the same principles were applied to the natural ingredients that are included in the MindBody Matrix. These “pain reducing frequencies” of light were infused into the creation process of the cream to provide better results that were far superior to those plants which did not receive the same LED treatments. The overall design of the pain cream, as well as the unique way in which it works, has made MindBody Matrix a highly effective and desirable product.

What Do Users Say?

MindBody Matrix has been used by people all across the world and the results say the same thing again and again: the medicinal cream is great at reducing pain, grounding a person in the right mental state, and reducing their overall prevalence of stress. There are several reviews available from different people that have been fighting a losing battle against chronic pain and found relief in this product.

However, the reviews that drive home the importance of this product come from real doctors that have reviewed the product on television, calling it a major leap forward in the treatment of pain. After all, these doctors have seen what addictive medications have done to people and recognize the benefits of using a cream that does not have the same negative impacts. All in all, the reviews from users are in and they are profound and positive.

Final Thoughts:

When looking at MindBody Matrix from a wider perspective, it is entirely clear that this product is incredibly valuable. It provides meaningful pain relief and stress relief with a topical application that is non-addictive, potent, and much cheaper than prescription drugs.

Yet, the thing that really makes this product stand out is the altruistic stance that the creator takes on pain. It is not his job to take the pain away; he considers it his duty. That is why they give a “bottle match” to people who are in the most pain and stress: veterans. That should tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful company and cream. This is the easiest 5-star rating we have given!

mindbody matrix pain relief cream reviews

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