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Everyone wants to unlock their potential and thrive with the life they were given.  We all strive to make a difference in the world and leave it a little bit better than we found it.  In order to achieve this goal, we must first look within ourselves to really understand what we are capable of and what we have to offer. This can be done by practicing a variety of soul-searching methods. Alternatively, to make this a much easier and more comfortable journey for you, you can utilize the ever-expanding and successful courses that Mindvalley has excelled in creating. 

What is Mindvalley?

From mind, body, and spirit, Mindvalley is a well-known and highly successful company that creates empowering curriculums to ensure you can reach your fullest potential. It utilizes an online platform to deliver quality education on topics that are not typically taught in traditional classrooms. These courses are aimed to guide people to tackle difficult areas of their lives, such as professional, parenting, and marriage issues, and navigate through them with confidence.

Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley has been so successful that it has been featured in many popular publications, which include Inc. magazine, BBC, HuffPost, and Forbes.  In addition, it holds an incredibly high rating with the Better Business Bureau.  With more than 12 million active users, and a mission to serve at least one billion by the year 2050, it is clear to see that Mindvalley has a unique set of courses that provide immense information and tools that you cannot find elsewhere.

Who is Mindvalley for?

If you are wondering if Mindvalley is the right route for you to enhance your life, then you are already correct. If you have this burning mindset and are dedicated to improving areas of your life, then that is the green light to give this program a shot. Mindvalley is an incredibly diverse platform that was strategically designed for anyone who is looking to improve himself or herself. If you are adamant about maximizing your performance at home or work, bettering your relationships, or even interested in nontraditional spiritual medicine to overcome certain situations, then you are a perfect candidate for Mindvalley.

Courses and Pricing – How the Mindvalley Academy Works

Mindvalley has a massive selection of courses that you can choose from, both premium and free. Each and every one provides you with the best quality experience that will leave you feeling like a whole new person. 

The premium courses range in price from $350 to $1000. This may seem like a high price tag, but what you get for it is priceless. The proprietary education experience and innovation strategies implemented in every course make Mindvalley more valuable than the industry average.

The courses are also divided into five different categories to make the site navigation easy and efficient. All you have to do is decide which area you want to focus on and find your desired course(s).

Career and Influence – With these courses, you are able to have instant access to interviews with the top entrepreneurs and professionals in the world. You can expect to get a significant and impactful improvement with your career performance.

Example courses include:

  • Discover Your Voice, Speak with Confidence, and Inspire any Audience by Lisa Nichols. Price: $349
  • Build Unstoppable Resilience and Unshakeable Inner Peace by Sri Kumar Rao. Price: $399
  • Equip Yourself with Key Habits, Techniques, and Skills to Turn Yourself Into a Super Performer at Life by Robin Sharma. Price: $545

Lifestyle and Productivity – When you dive deep into these courses, you will get a full understanding of the skills needed to foster support, accountability, and consistency to achieve maximum productivity and thrive.

Example courses include:

  • Design Your Ultimate Life in 2019 with Lifebook Online with Jon and Missy Butcher. Price: $500
  • Unleash Your Brain from All Limitations and Develop a Super Memory by Jim Kwik. Price: $399 or $449 with a completion certificate.
  • Learn the Difference Between Means Goals and End Goals by Vishen Lakhiani. Price: Free

Mind and Spirit – Mindvalley developed both mind and spirit courses that give substantial content on how to achieve lifelong learning. You will directly challenge your core believes and your daily rituals so you can set your mind free from the mainstream educational mold.   

Example courses include:

  • Attract Greater Success, Prosperity, Love and Wellness into Your Life by Marie Diamond. Price: $795 or $845 with a completion certificate.
  • Strengthen your ‘Spiritual Muscles’ and Reconnect with the Essence of Your Being by Jeffrey Allen. Price: $349 or $399 with a completion certificate.
  • Energy Clearing for Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon. Price: $299 – digital access only or $495 for both digital and DVD access.

Health and Fitness – Health and fitness awareness has always been a critical part of human life. With Mindvalley’s courses, you will be able to witness scientific breakthroughs and proven wisdom about the vital components of human health. From life longevity to overall fitness, you will leave each course feeling as if you are able to live the most physically healthy life as possible.

Example courses include:

  • Transform Your Body Based on the Science of Minimum Effective Dose Workouts by Christine Bullock. Price: $199
  • Transform Your Body in Just 90 Days: No Diets or Exercise Required by Eric Edmeades. Price: $695 or $745 with a completion certificate
  • A Roadmap to a Fitter, Healthier and More Youthful You by Ben Greenfield. Price: $399 or $449 with a completion certificate.

Love and Relationships – Many times, people are stuck on the never-ending rollercoaster of finding personal growth within their love lives. It can be easy to lose yourself when trying to establish lifelong relationships. If you are someone who is struggling in this area, these courses will be able to help you in tremendous ways. They will guide you in focusing on forging relationships internally and externally, so you can successfully portray the best version of yourself to everyone around you.

An example course includes:

  • Limitless Love and Intimacy with the Ancient Art of Tantra by Psalm Isodora. Price $295 – digital access only or $495 for both digital and DVD access.

Common Positive Feedback

The majority of the feedback that Mindvalley receives is positive, and for good reasons. To give you a quick and easy to read list of what customers have to say, here are the main highlights.

  • High-quality courses
  • It was a life-changing experience
  • My speaking skills improved dramatically
  • I was able to redirect my negative thought cycles and become more positive

Common Negative Feedback

As with anything, there is always some room for improvement. Though negative feedback is infrequent, what has come through is noted below.

  • Poor customer support


Everyone around the world wants to feel in control of their life. Unfortunately, it is challenging to find exceptional resources to help guide you with this, until now. It is clear that Mindvalley filled a universal void with their courses and is in high demand. Mindvalley’s mission is “to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness,” and that is precisely what they are doing.

The content that they offer provides a fantastic contribution to the world, helping people become the best versions of themselves. With an extensive range of free and premium content, everyone will be able to find the perfect course to achieve the best results for themselves.  If you are willing to take your life seriously and invest time into yourself, then you will undeniably have a positive experience with Mindvalley.

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