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Are you not happy with your current body stats?

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your ideal weight and good health?

Although people today are more than ever aware of maintaining a healthy body, not everybody is tasting success. This is mainly because of the stressful and hectic lives that they lead.

What if there was a way to get rid of excess fit and be naturally healthy WITHOUT Diet or Exercise??

You would obviously call me crazy! But hold your judgment until after the WildFit 90-Day Program. Yes, you read that right. I’m here to tell you about my own personal experience over a period of three months where I was able to shed more than 22 pounds and got back into shape. And I did it without fasting, fad dieting, or sweating it out at the gym.

Eric Edmeades has planned a revolutionary program for people who are struggling to reach their fitness goals. I was curious to learn more and delved deeper into the program. I experimented with it and have some incredible findings to share with you all. 

What is the WildFit Program?

The WildFit Program is a 90-day challenge that is not purely a weight loss program; rather it is more about a healthier way of living your life. Weight loss is just a consequence of entering into this program that trains you to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you have always dreamt of leading a healthier and active lifestyle, then WildFit Program is just for you.

It takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. It is an ultimate fitness and health guide that motivates you to quit unnecessary diets and transform yourself from within. This program will help you achieve your fitness goals effortlessly provided you follow the instructions by Eric carefully.   

WildFit takes us on a remarkable journey into the healthy lifestyles of our ancestors. We gain a better understanding of what our ancestors ate. Currently, we are programmed to fill our stomach with grains that weren’t even necessary for our static existence.

This contributed to diabetes and obesity giving rise to a host of illnesses that our ancestors never knew about. WildFit does not focus on making your starve until you shed all the extra pounds that you are carrying around. Instead, it focuses on teaching how you need to eat to derive maximum health from whatever is going into your body.   

How does the WildFit Program work?

WildFit Program helps you in maintaining your optimal body weight. It boosts your energy levels and slows down signs of aging. This program will help you get rid of false food beliefs and cravings. The program is designed to help you overcome symptoms of –

  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Acne
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Inflammation
  • Blocked Sinuses
  • Mood Swings, and a lot more health complications.

This program helps you achieve a better body, better skin, improved energy levels, and libido. You will no longer feel constant food cravings while on this 90-day challenge. I experienced this myself while trying this challenge and felt that the program made a long-lasting change on my body and soul. I felt a renewed relationship with food. I feel healthy and youthful after trying out this challenge from Mind Valley.

Different stages of WildFit Program 

The 90-day program developed by Eric Edmeades is basically divided into different stages. There are three major stages over which this unique program is covered.

Stage 1 – Learning the Difference between What You Want vs. What Your Body Needs

You spend the first two weeks understanding what your body actually needs instead of just impulsive eating. The first stage helps you lay a basic foundation for the healthier you. You are provided access to Videos, Group Mastermind, Live Coaching and a lot more to understand how to provide your body the best nourishment. It basically involves altering your attitude towards the food that you consume.

Stage 2 – Understanding the Natural Human Diet needed for Your Body

The second stage is more about implementing changes in your lifestyle. This stage spans from week three to week ten. You get to become a part of Live Weekly Coaching, Question and Answer Sessions, Group Mastermind and plenty of useful videos. You can experience incredible results during this stage such as lesser mood swings, improved focus, vitality, increased energy levels, weight reduction, better sleep and increased levels of happiness.

Stage 3 – Rapid Weight Loss and Healthier Living

The third stage focuses on cutting down weight and keeping it off. This stage kicks off from the eleventh week and lasts until the thirteenth week. It provides you access to tools that can help you manage all your health issues. A bonus package is also in offing. You gain access to 19 Live Group Coaching Sessions.   

My Experience with WildFit Program

I was quite eager to start this program and had no idea about what this program would do to transform my beliefs. I was quite amazed by the introductory video and was eager to try out the challenge. Eric is a renowned speaker and coach. His program is much talked about among the fitness circles and this revolutionary program has an element of mindfulness to it.

You get to understand what your body actually requires during the course of the program so that you can eliminate what your body just doesn’t require. I also included a good amount of vegetables and fruits in my diet. I was surprised to learn that I gave less importance to water while it was supposed to be the most important part of my diet.

Drinking more water and cutting down caffeine as well as sugar brought about significant changes in my health. Eliminating refined grains from my diet has helped clear my skin. I am quite impressed with my increased energy levels. I feel positive, happy and healthy after completing this 90-day challenge.


  • Helps you embrace a healthy lifestyle
  • Helps you maintain good health and ideal body weight
  • Helps you inculcate healthy eating habits
  • Enhances your mindset
  • Does not include extreme diets or workouts
  • Helps you maintain a healthier eating cycle
  • You will notice a surge in your energy levels


  • Is not available offline
  • Skipping sessions doesn’t promise an appropriate result
  • Results vary from one individual to another


The WildFit Program is a popular and highly recommended program for individuals who wish to embrace a healthy lifestyle. If you want to transform yourself inside out, then this is the challenge that you need to take up. It will help you develop a healthy mindset about what goes into your body. You will start to notice a radical transformation in your everyday life. This program has a direct impact on your lifestyle.

The program does not ask you to starve or try out insane workouts. It is more about embracing a healthy lifestyle and eating good food that actually benefits you. It helps you understand the foods that are essential for your body and helps you eliminate foods from your diet that are of no use.

This program is legit and will help you transform your lifestyle within 90 days. The program comes with a 10-Day No-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. So go ahead and try it out, and chances are you’ll be motivated enough to complete the entire 90-Day Challenge.

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