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The benefits of losing weight go far beyond a better figure. It boosts one’s confidence and improves well-being, too. With millions of people in the world who want to lose weight, finding the right way to do it is really hard. Since successful weight loss stories trending now more than ever, fake regimens have been popping in and out of the market.

So if you want to lose weight, making sure that you are being guided in the right direction is crucial. After all, you won’t want all of your time and effort to go to waste.

Most people wanting to lose weight are obsessed with losing fat. They have a point, as fat is something that you need to lose so you can build muscle. However, fat is extremely stubborn especially in specific body parts such as the arms and back.

Because of this, Bruce Krahn, a health and fitness expert, wrote a guide to help people lose weight from most stubborn, hard-to-lose “trouble” spots.

But is this book really worth spending money on? Does it deliver its promises? Keep on reading to find out.

The Author

To know whether the book is legitimate or not, it’s crucial for you to take a look at its author first. As mentioned earlier, the author of the book is Bruce Krahn, a health and fitness expert. You just can’t easily take his word for it though, so you need to take a deeper look at him.

After doing some research, it was revealed that Bruce Krahn is a celebrity personal trainer and well-versed in the fields of nutrition, health, and fitness.

He offers personal training services, conducts seminars, and authored other books as well. Among these books are The Fat Fighter Diet and Lean Belly Breakthrough, which are best-sellers.

Aside from that, Bruce Krahn is also the president of an online resource with thousands of members in the United States and abroad. Plus, he is the co-founder of Bodizone Personal Fitness Studios, a personal training company and serves as a consultant for some of the biggest fitness equipment retailers.

Bruce boasts many years of experience as well. In fact, he has worked extensively in the corporate sector, conducting seminars for well-known companies like General Electric, Purolator, and TD Bank. He is also the co-founder of Bodizone Recreation Management which is responsible for designing and staffing for various fitness centers.

To top it all, Bruce Krahn walks the talk. He is a fit man, who appeared in many fitness magazines and television shows all over North America.

What’s Inside the program?

Well, Bruce Krahn seems like a person you can trust. Given that, you have to take a look at the content to see if the book’s worth purchasing.

With the goal of helping people “lose weight, build muscle, and say goodbye to problems areas for good”, the book contains the following:

  • Hormone Map

A hormone map is something you can use to manage your hormones properly. According to research, the body leaves traces that help you determine what’s wrong with it internally. By using this map, you will know how to use your hormone production to your advantage.

  • Cortisol Reset Protocol

Cortisol is the hormone causing stress. It also causes fat to accumulate in the belly, leaving people with big tummies. Using this protocol will help you adjust your cortisol levels to reduce belly fat.

  • Estrogen Reset Protocol

Aside from belly fat, thigh and hip fat are hard to lose as well. To combat this, the estrogen reset protocol is included in the book.

  • Thyroid Reset Protocol

Back and arm fat are just as difficult to lose. Because of this, the book will exactly tell you how to manage your thyroid, which is the main controller of hormone production.

  • Testosterone Reset Protocol

For men over 40, losing fat is way harder than when they were younger. Through this protocol, testosterone levels will increase, leaving older men to lose weight and have better sexual lives & emotional states.

The Bonuses

The content of the book looks great so far, but surprisingly, it does not stop there. The package includes bonuses that consumers might find interesting. Here they are:

  • Exercise Secret

The exercise secret contains low-impact exercises that are easy to do. They can even be done while watching TV. This bonus also includes recipes involving herbs and spices that will complement your exercise regimen. By following this, you can burn fat all day, even when you’re not doing anything.

  • Two-Minute Sequences

This bonus is a sequence of low-impact exercises that are designed to last for only ten minutes a day. This is appropriate for busy people. Its aim is to increase your metabolism and energy so you can easily get rid of unwanted fat.

  • Eastern Detox Formula

This formula aims to remove toxins from your liver to accelerate the burning of fat. Contrary to what it sounds, it does not involve taking tasteless shakes or food. With the eastern detox formula, you are still allowed to eat your favorite food.


  • The book is comprehensible and does not use too much jargon. The explanations are in lay terms, so it is easy to understand.
  • The protocols involved in the book are easy to follow.
  • You don’t have to take supplements when using the techniques in this book.
  • Trouble Spot Fat Loss works well for both men and women.
  • It will help you lose fat in problematic areas without spending too much because it does not cost as much as other weight loss books.
  • It has a 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you are entitled for a refund.


  • Much like any program, this won’t work if you don’t have dedication and hard work.
  • Some fake versions of the book are available online so you have to be careful.

The Verdict

Trouble Spot Fat Loss is definitely worth buying. You have access to excellent content and amazing bonuses by a reputable author for an affordable price.

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