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Unlimited Abundance

How to Attract Money through Energy Cleansing

Around 70% of individuals have subconscious fear with respect to money. Such a belief system fades away from our dreams, ambitions, goals as well as solutions. 

Are you one of those who feel that something is holding you back from achieving your best in terms of career, money, and prosperity?

Do you desire to get rid of your anxiety, doubts, and fears?

Receiving positive abundance will allow us to respond in a much more positive way. It prevents us from having such negative thought processes. It is vital for us to create more financial abundance on a day-to-day basis.

This is where the Unlimited Abundance program will help you out. It is a carefully designed training course that will help you in removing something called “Abundance Blocks” from your subconscious mind. 

As a result, you will –

  • Attract more abundance in the form of money & prosperity
  • Rediscover your passion
  • Start experiencing newfound creativity
  • Have the feeling of “being in the right place at the right time” all the time
  • Be inspiring to others around you 

About Unlimited Abundance Program on Mindvalley

The Unlimited Abundance Program was conceived by Christie Marie Sheldon, a celebrated life coach, and author. The program focusses on removing 24 different ‘Abundance Blocks’ through 24 unique training sessions. Each session is held for a duration of 90 minutes. All you have to do is to show up and relax. The rest of the work is done by the trainer, Christie herself.

Just like how metal is attracted to a magnet, the program will allow you to attract abundant opportunities. You will even learn to eliminate the negative energy blocks. You will be able to build abundance from your inside to outside.

It will help you manifest the right ideas and circumstances in your day to day life and help you attain abundant wealth. You will learn to seek happiness in positive results you achieve in the coming days, weeks, and months. 

The Abundance Blocks are nothing but negative programming that our minds have been affected with through media, television, internet, friends, and even our own parents. The program is aimed at removing these negative blocks so that abundance can flow in enriching our lives.

Also, these sessions will help prevent you from making any painful financial mistakes. Through this program, you will come across new productivity levels, optimum performance levels as well as clarity. This program will assist you to improve all the areas of your life. 

Who is Christie Marie?

As a successful author and life coach, Christie Marie Sheldon is quite renowned for her ability to transform people’s lives. She does this by accessing the energy fields of individuals to erase their subconscious negative blocks. She can also successfully raise the vibrations of individuals so that they are able to reach their true potential.

Christie has appeared on several radio shows and has conducted hundreds of seminars over the last 15 years and has offered her consolations to more than 30,000 clients. Her clients do include successful businessmen and politicians. Her innermost desire is to empower people so that they can find abundant flow of positivity. She wishes to remove stress and negativity that most of us are affected with. 

Unlimited Abundance

What can the Unlimited Abundance Program do for you?

Following are the three most important things that the program can do for you:

  • Removes the Limiting Beliefs of an individual

As per Christie, the abundance blocks she talks about in her Unlimited Abundance program are nothing but limiting beliefs. They potentially ‘block’ you from the ‘abundance’ that you desire.

Limiting beliefs are holding you back from doing what you want to do. They cause you to be uncertain and hesitant in your life. They stop you from bringing about any potential positive change in your life.

The program takes you through all the different areas of your life. It will teach you to tackle the limiting beliefs which are holding you back from doing what you wish to do. Each session will help you relate to something in your life, and you will successfully find ways to improve your:

  • Personal growth
  • Money
  • Success
  • Self-worth
  • Values
  • Family

Improves Your Energy

The Unlimited Abundance program works on your energy. During her sessions, Christie gives a lot of input with respect to energy. She wishes you to reach a state where everything flows into you easily. The program also equips you with tools to clear all the negative and stale energy. It is essential for you to understand the role of positive energy in your life.

Energy is vital to get anything you desire in your life. It depends on your thought process and feelings. Whenever you come across fearful situations or circumstances that make you upset or get you worried, it will result in your energy getting stuck and you are unable to do as you wish. The idea is to fill you to positive energy and mindset.

  • Gets You Out of Your Head and Helps You Take Action

When you do not feel positive vibrations, you are unable to recognize any potential opportunities. When you are in a state of negative thought process you only focus on your thoughts.

For instance, if you are worried about paying the monthly bills, then you focus only on the lack of money and not on how to find opportunities to make money for your bills. 

If you believe in the famous Law of Attraction, then you will see the positive outcome of Christie’s energetic healing and helpful sessions. After the sessions, you will feel much happier and lighter and will increase your vibrations to attract more abundance.

What will you come across in the Unlimited Abundance Program?

  1. The program offers you a path to a lifetime of abundance. It will correct all of your life challenges. 
  2. You will come across positive emotions to remove any limiting beliefs during the energy clearing sessions.
  3. You will come across energetic tools that will bring about positive changes in your life.
  4. You will also get a one-on-one consultation to help resolve your queries.
  5. You will find new ways to serve yourself and your loved ones. Through this program, you will unleash your fullest potential.

Additional Benefits of Unlimited Abundance Program?

  • Perfect Energy Balancing

Your home training program starts with the molding of the perfect energy template. You can do this by removing the specific Abundance Block which you wish to target. This is increased further by introducing positive attributes, beliefs, and vibrations. This will result in an instant energetic transformation that will rejuvenate your entire mind and body. 

  • Full set of Powerful Energetic Tools

During the home training program, you will come across tons of Energetic Tools which will bring about profound changes in your energy frequency. This does not require any effort from your part. You can submerge yourself in your subconscious mind through meditations and exercises.

  • Flexible, Anytime Energy Healing

It is no doubt that you will come across better results if you are more relaxed. Hence this entire program is designed so that you enjoy most of it. You can listen to light audios in the morning or just before you go to bed. You can do the same whenever you feel like it to set your energy field. 

  • Lifelong Community of the Tribe

As the student of the program, you will receive continuous love and support in a number of ways. You will also get access to the program’s private Facebook group, wherein you can interact with other members of the program. In addition, you will get a Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator who assists you throughout the course and solving any queries that you come across. 

Bonus Meditation Sessions

  • Clearing Past Beliefs (This will cost you $25)

In this session, you will identify your subconscious beliefs from your past which can be the root cause of the majority of your Abundance Blocks. Such blocks can cost you millions of dollars if left uncatered to in your lifetime!

  • 24 Hours of Love or Above (This will cost you $19)

This session will equip you with a set of morning and evening meditations to elevate your vibrations and also to boost your energy levels. By listening to Christie’s soothing voice, you will ward out any negative thought processes.  This set also compromises of Christie’s Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit: The Blessing Ball of Light, as well as the Heart Center Awakening.


Through the Unlimited Abundance Program, you will have complete power over your life. The money will cease to be an issue in your life as you start to attract abundance quite naturally. It will help remove the negative beliefs which are holding you back from what you desire.

It also alters your perception of money, life, and people and improves your relationships. In short, through this course, you will learn to attract abundance into your life. Still not convinced? The program comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee that is unconditional; meaning you can try it risk-free for a month.

If you’re still not convinced at the end of it, you can get your money refunded. Go ahead and enroll now with confidence!

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