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yoga burn review

In today’s fast-paced world, one of the issues faced by most women is maintaining their ideal body weight goals. The busy schedules, which include work, education and families, are already a handful and adding more to it only triggers stress.

Taking out the time to go to a gym becomes physically and mentally impossible. However, for a healthy lifestyle and mental peace, having a proper workout routine is essential. To make life slightly easier, many physical fitness trainers have come up with at home workout plans that claim to help you reach your fitness goals.

However, there’s rarely a few that you can commit to.

One such program that has lately been the talk of the town is Yoga Burn. It is easily the most effective workout program for literally any female to exist, given that a female’s body works differently than that of a male, this program specifically focuses on a strict workout and diet plan in accordance to that of the female anatomy, and stays true to its claim of giving you the results that you look for in a weight loss program.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga burn is essentially a fitness system created by Zoe Bray Cotton, a fitness trainer. The fitness system focuses on women and their weight issues; it specially devised for women who have issues losing weight. 

This effective program allows healthy weight loss within the peace of your own home and according to your schedule. The Program is fully downloadable and digital for easy access via any digital device anywhere, at any time. 

What Makes Yoga Burn Unique?

What makes this program unique is that it negates any use of artificial supplements. It focuses on healthy, clean eating and natural ways to cut off the excess pounds on your body.

Yoga burn consists of a strategic three-step plan, which refers to Dynamic Sequencing. This system allows your body to settle into the workout regime and helps lose weight more effectively, yet within the bounds of staying healthy.

Who is Yoga Burn For?

Yoga burn, as I mentioned earlier, is literally for any woman to exist on this planet. Given the 12-week course outline of the program, it does not require any previous experience with yoga or any other workout regime. 

The program, in its essence, is difficult to handle considering it focuses on hardcore fitness regimes. However, through the dynamic sequence that the program has adapted, anyone can learn and get used to the hardcore regime that Yoga Burn offers. 

If you are someone looking for flexibility, Yoga Burn is all about it, the various workouts combined to shape this one system are all focused on stretching, and mobilizing your muscles in a way that they not only burn the excess fat around them but also allow them to move more freely.

If you’re a woman on the go, with a tight-packed schedule, this program is for you, because of its easy accessibility and freedom of scheduling your workout according to your everyday activities, you will never have to miss out on even a single day of workout.

Yoga Burn

What Does The Program Include?

Upon purchase of the fitness program, you will be able to download a digital version of the Yoga Burn Fitness system. This will include one quick starter class that allows you to ease into the basics of Yoga if you are a beginner. The starter class is a fun warmup class before you dive into the 20 yoga poses this regime has to offer.

Along with starter class, the program offers in-depth video tutorials of over 20 Yoga poses ranging from the very basics to advanced hardcore poses. These poses, when incorporated in your workout routine, allow your body to tighten and boost up your metabolism. 

The program stretches over 12 weeks, divided into 3 stages, each stage for each month, every stage has a different level of advancement, which allows your body to ease into the most advanced part of the routine.

How Does The Program Work?

As mentioned earlier, the fitness program adapts a Dynamic sequence. It is a three-staged sequence, where each stage works differently and allows your body to ease into the advanced levels of yoga slowly.

In the first stage, referred to as the Foundational Flow.

 It is called foundational because this stage helps you build the basic foundation needed to progress through the more difficult levels of Yoga. 

The first phase is all about technique, and how to make your body adapt to the Yoga positions, and this stage is essential for the body to advance to the next two stages.

The second stage is referred to as the Transitional Flow. 

This stage teaches you how to incorporate the positions you learned in the first stage into a faster-paced workout routine. This stage is all about working on the upper body and the core, allowing the body to burn more excess fat, alongside mobilizing the muscles into becoming more flexible.

The final stage is referred to as the Mastery Flow.

This stage is all about kicking it up a notch. The final stage is where your muscles begin to burn, with intensive reps of all poses for longer periods, your muscles reach the peak of fatigue that is required to shed the excessive fat.

The mastery flow incorporates everything you learn in the first two steps and combines it into vigorous routines for effective weight loss.

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Bottom Line:

To conclude, this program is quite effective, given its extremely well-developed timeline and sequence. Yes, it is difficult and requires a lot of energy, but to be frank, what workout routine doesn’t? 

The one great thing that keeps you going is that the workout routine is interesting. If you do not like cardio and lifting weights, then you are most likely to be interested in this program. The program keeps you motivated and you begin to see the results almost instantly.

I enjoyed the 12 weeks thoroughly and would recommend it to every woman looking to lose weight in a healthy natural manner.

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