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Thousands of people suffer from devastating nerve poisoning daily. Nerve pains are the worst and damn risky. People are often told to amputate their legs. But, it’s the most dangerous thing ever! Imagine the thought of being handicapped and living a life with one leg. Isn’t it scary? Due to the sensation of pins and needles pricking inside it causes relentless burning sensations. People suffer from extreme stress, insomnia etc.

So do you want your numbness and tingling to go away? Do you want to stop the burning sensations from its roots? Do you get those nightmares where you would lose your leg? If yes, then you need not worry. Nerve Control 911 is the best way for you to deal with these problems and emancipates you from suffering it.


Every now and then, pain victims suffer from changes in heart rates, blood pressure, breathing etc and to get rid of these they try out various pills and patches that are toxic. It’s fatal. People experience problems like organ failure, paralysis and amputations all because of these nerve conditions. Hence, all the neuropathic conditions are generally similar. But, it can often take a risky turn and worsen your life.

Did you know that a research suggests that there is a common mechanism in all neuropathies called an enzyme. It is MMP-13. MMP-13 is toxic for our nerves and when the enzyme levels get too high on the skin of your feets, legs and hands. It acts as a glue to protect your skin from everyday damage. Also, MMP-13 is said to be beneficial for diabetic neuropathy too!

It’s a common mistake for people to get confused between nerve pains and MMP-13. The answer is quite simple. The external stressors repeatedly trigger the enzyme leading to the degradation of nerve pains, burning, muscle pains etc. So to help you with these situations Nerve Control 911 has come to the rescue.

What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 is an effective formula for calming our nerves. It soothes the entire somatosensory system. It is a dietary supplement that has anti-anxiety properties, anti-inflammatory properties and even anti-bacterial properties. Nerve Control 911 is made from all potent herbs and ingredients that acts as a shield from having nerve pains. It penetrates damaged nerves and repairs them from its core.

The Ingredients used for formulating:

The components used in this formula provide an incredibly effective and safe way to block the pain triggering enzymes and they are referred to as: ‘The 7 Pain Pathways’.

  • Pain Pathway 1 – COX-2
  • Pain Pathway 2 – PGE-2
  • Pain Pathway 3 – 5-LOX
  • Pain Pathway 4 – TNF-alpha
  • Pain Pathway 5 – iNOS
  • Pain Pathway 6 – Reactive Nitrogen Species
  • Pain Pathway 7 – NF Kappa B

Infographics View of nerve control 911

Nerve Control 911 attacks all these 7 pain triggers in an all-natural way. The few ingredients are:

  • California Poppy: It relieves the nerve pain, blood vessel problems and provides a better sleep and mood.
  • Corydalis Yanhusuo: It is shown to reduce both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. It brings a calm comfort to your body parts and helps you sleep better.
  • Passion Flower: It alleviates the nerve pain, nervous stress and anxiety.
  • Prickly Pear: It is full of antioxidants which protects our body from cell damage and is useful in treating diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers too! It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Marshmallow Root: It is high in anti-inflammatory mucilage. It has the ability to hold on to water carriers in our system. It helps from fighting swelling, improves hydration, urinary tract, respiratory and digestive system too.

All these were scientifically proven and added to the formula in the right amount and was formulated by the best researchers.

What are the benefits of using this formula?

  • It heals the numbness and stabbing.
  • It helps you get rid of crawling, throbbing and burning sensations.
  • It repairs the central nervous system.
  • It protects you from inflammation.
  • It helps you sleep better and remain stress-free.
  • It is free from all those dangerous drugs.
  • It prevents you from having various infections.
  • It boosts your energy levels.
  • It eliminates you from suffering from those intense nerve pains.
  • It attacks all those enzymes which trigger nerve pains.
  • It helps you ease your physical and mental anxiety.
  • It rejuvenates your overall well-being.
  • It helps you have a better focus and concentration.

Besides these benefits, Nerve Control 911 protects your overall health by keeping inflammation in check.

How to consume Nerve Control 911? How long will it take to see the results?

All you have to do is take 02 capsules of this dietary supplement on a daily basis with meals. It will take 30 days maximum for you to see those happy results. You’ll soon be able to notice a change in you as your damaged nerves are being repaired from their roots.

Why should you purchase this product?

Every single day people buy expensive creams, sprays, medications in order to get rid of the extreme problems and pains. The drug companies just try to cover up the real cause of your nerve pain and hence, we are the ones suffering from conditions which damage our body’s natural healing process.

But, Nerve Control 911 looks after your complete wellness and overall good health. It prevents you from these problems and recovers your body’s somatosensory system. The happy part is that it helps you cure your nerve damage from its roots forever! Here’s a review regarding Nerve Control 911:

“I had enough. My HMO refused to give me physical therapy for jabbing pain in my legs and lower back. They didn’t offer me anything. Literally nothing.

Then I found Nerve Control 911 and bought 4 bottles right away. It started working right away and makes those creams and medications look like scams.

I’ve tried almost all of them. I’m preparing to get myself a six month supply.

No side effects and works like a miracle.”

Isn’t it great? People are super happy with their results. So you shall be too! Let’s take a look at its price and offer.

Price and offer:

  1. One bottle of Nerve Control 911 costs only $69.95 and you get to save over $50 off the regular price if you order today!
  2. The VIP multi-bottle costs just $49.95 and you get to save over $70 per bottle. Not only the affordable price but also they provide you with free shipping!

Aren’t these offers insanely amazing? You can try this product at first and if you’re aren’t completely satisfied with the formula you can ask for a refund too as they provide 90 days money back guarantee too! So order now.

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