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These days, it is easier than even to become your own boss thanks to all the moneymaking opportunities that have opened up because of the internet. One of these is affiliate marketing. There’s a new training and implementation system called the FourPercent Success Challenge that is getting lots of attention, for showing thousands of people how to start and grow their very own successful affiliate marketing business.

Does this system live up to the hype? We’re going to take a look at it and see what it features, what people are saying, and what the verdict is.

About the System

The FourPercent Success Challenge is a training program developed by Vick Strizheus, who is the founder of the online education company named FourPercent. His mission, through this system, is to help everyday people become educated on affiliate marketing and become experts in it. The way this is done is by methodically going step-by-step through three categories.

The three categories are:

  • Zero to 10K
  • 10K to 100K
  • 100K to 1M

These numbers represent the amount of money you can make thanks to affiliate marketing. You will get everything you need to know how to get from $0 to $1M, even if you have never heard of the term “affiliate marketing” before today.

Here are the steps this system walks you through:

  • How do become an affiliate marketer from scratch, so you can quit your day job and become richer than you ever dreamed.
  • How to receive commissions from multiple streams by being an independent affiliate, promoting the products others make and sell.
  • How to achieve financial freedom and take charge of your life.

Following along in 30 step-by-step sessions with Vick, you avoid getting overwhelmed with knowledge and information, allowing you to digest everything and take it in. You are also assisted with getting strategically placed within the marketplace. Alongside this, you are helped with the strategic selection of products which convert well.

You will be developing the core skillset necessary in the world of marketing, putting you ahead of many in the space. You also get guided on how to generate a massive list of people, with a high response rate, so more people by an affiliate product through you. You will know how to develop multiple streams of income, allowing you to continue bringing in money, even if one stream of income dries up for a while.

The commissions you can get from the products you will be an affiliate for can net you $5,000 per sale. That is a lot of affiliate income! How is that even possible? Well, it’s because Vick has vetted and hand-selected products that are within industries currently booming.

The best thing about this system is that it teaches you how to sell other peoples’ products, for which you earn affiliate income. You will never have to create your own product and you get to leverage the credibility of other great products. Those big commissions are possible because you are selling products from companies that have done all the hard work solidifying themselves as trustworthy and sellers of high-quality products.

You also get access to a private community. This is helpful because it helps reinforce successful behaviors. You can meet and collaborate with other members of the Success Challenge, which is at 26,000 and counting. It becomes something like a second family, where you can help each other out, facilitating the further success of everyone that is a part of it.

Right now, there are several bonuses being given away at no extra cost. These will help propel your affiliate marketing business even further, which is definitely helpful. These extras include:

  • Automated Selling Machine
  • FourPercent Partner Program
  • Mass Traffic Blueprint Masterclass
  • FourPercent Multiple Streams of Income Ecosystem

With all of this content being included in the Success Challenge, you will actually have to try very hard to NOT be successful.

What People Are Saying

It’s easy for a new course or training program to say it is the best at something, or close to it. Yet, the FourPercent Success Challenge has tons of glowing reviews from people who have taken the challenge and turned out to be incredibly successful. Here are a few genuine testimonials of people who have completed the Success Challenge:

This is “World Class”. Vick has put his all into this with no holding back – the quality of content is phenomenal – he holds nothing back. – Maria Eves

Been in a lot of expensive internet training classes, but this one is the best of all. Long sessions, but so much detail and information geared toward success. Anxious to continue training with FourPercent. – H. Jones

The purpose of the Four Percent Success Challenge is not to merely teach a person how to make money, rather its purpose is to TRANSFORM a person into someone who money comes through by default. – Terry Nettles

The FourPercent Success Challenge is so confident about the satisfaction people have with their course that they have a live stream of TrustPilot reviews right on the system’s website. Sure enough, out of roughly 3,500 reviews, the average rating is a 4.9, showing just how many people are satisfied with the course.

The Final Verdict

There are plenty of courses out there offering to help you start your own affiliate marketing business, but those usually are overly complicated, talking about theoretical concepts, whereas the FourPercent Success Challenge focuses on getting results, while take a simple path to those results.

All in all, this system is highly effective at helping you start up your own affiliate marketing business, with thousands of satisfied students having gone through it. If you want to open yourself up to a life of financial prosperity and sovereignty over how you spend your time, the FourPercent Success Challenge is an effective and great way to achieve that.

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