The Rock Hard Formula Review

Are you sick of the struggle of not able to harden your little guy? Do you find it hard to ‘get it up’? Are you unable to perform well in the bedroom? And my final question is that are you a failure in satisfying your women in bed?

Who wouldn’t like to have harder and more reliable reactions, so that ‘you can get it on’ with your woman more often, give her much better quality sex and make her addicted to you?

So, if you want to mark an end to your weak, embarrassing and humiliating sexual performance and make the pain and misery a thing of past then let me introduce you to an ancient secret of the Chinese emperor. That secret is The Rock Hard Formula.

What is The Rock Hard Formula?

It is an all-natural herbal formula used by ancient emperors of china to increase their sexual performance in bed at any age combined by Adam Armstrong and his friend Elwin Robinson (A master herbalist.) It is the very best testosterone and erection boosting formula on this planet. This Rock-Hard formula will allow you to experience a rampant sexual appetite, tireless boners, unstoppable sexual power, and massive performance.

Five proven facts that make it different and superior from all the supplements out there:

Fact 1 – This rock hard formula is free from toxic fillers and additives and is made up of nothing but 100% super herbs. Generally, these additives in other supplements lead to weight gain, seizures, allergic reactions, blurred vision, dizziness, heart problems, diarrhea and more.

Fact 2 – Rock hard formula doesn’t contain toxic level of nutrients, for instance, yohimbe (which can lead to dizziness, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, rapid heartbeat and increase blood pressure), L-Arginine (can lead to genital herpes), etc. so the good news is, rock hard formula doesn’t contain any of these toxic ingredients thus making it super safe if you drink it 5, 10 or 15 years or more.

Fact 3 – The quantities of super herbs in the Rock Hard formula are high enough to produce effective results.

Fact 4 – Rock hard formula contains super herbs of incredibly high potency. They are way are powerful than normal raw herbs because they are more concentrated in the active ingredients. 1 teaspoon of rock hard formula gives you equivalent to the 10 teaspoonfuls of normal raw herbs.

Fact 5 – Rock hard formula is easily absorbed and produce rapid results. Because it is a powder that you can turn into a tea or a smoothie thus your body doesn’t need to waste time and energy breaking down capsules to absorb the ingredients.

List of Ingredients:

These are the 9 super herbs:

  • He shou wu

He Shou Wu is the most amazing Anti-Aging and Longevity SuperHerb of all and can be used to improve ‘Sexual Appetite,’ Sexual Performance and semen volume (even in old men).

  • Cistanche detail some exciting benefits of Cistanche, including an increase in sexual power and performance in men.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Of the many benefits, listed on, that men can get from Tribulus – the following are probably of most interest… it’s a Natural Testosterone-Booster that improves Sexual Performance and Sexual Satisfaction.

  • Horny Goat Weed

On there is a detailed explanation of how Horny Goat Weed can: increase ‘Sexual Appetite, boost Testosterone Levels and increase Energy in men. It’s also one of the most powerful Aphrodisiacs in the world.

  • Salvia Root

Salvia Root supports healthy blood circulation around the body. This is explained on Healthy blood flow is required for a strong Sexual Performance, hence the reason why this herb is important for any man wanting to fully SATISFY his woman in bed!

  • Goji Berry

Over on there is an explanation into the huge number of benefits Goji Berry can give you – including improvements in Sexual Function. These improvements occur because Goji encourages blood flow around the body.

  • Nettle Root

According to Nettle Root can be of benefit to the health of your Prostate, Joints, Blood Sugar Levels, and Skin. And, perhaps most interestingly – Nettle Root has been shown to support healthy Testosterone Levels.

  • Eucommia Bark explain how Eucommia Bark is a powerful strengthener of the Reproductive System, and stimulator of the Sex Glands and Organs. They also detail how this Super herb can increase ‘Sexual Interest and Desire.’

  • Morinda Root explains how Morinda Root can be used to strengthen male Sexual Performance and Power. And they show studies that prove it.

How to take it?

There are 4 simple ways you can take it:

  1. Add 2 teaspoonfuls to your favorite Smoothie or shake
  2. Warm up some water, add a teaspoon or 2, stir and drink it down (the traditional way to take super herbs just like making an instant coffee)
  3. Sprinkle it over breakfast cereal
  4. You can also add it in soup

Expected Results

  • Healthy optimal testosterone levels
  • Good circulation down there- regular morning wood and absolutely rock hard reactions.
  • Rampant libido with enhanced sexual performance just like a horny teenager
  • More intense and pleasurable orgasms
  • High levels of sexual confidence making you magnetically attractive to women
  • More sensitive and pleasurable ejections
  • Increases your body muscle mass
  • Decrease your body-fat levels
  • Give you a more manly lean and alpha physique
  • Build overall health and wellness
  • Give you more energy and increase your productivity
  • Makes your skin, nails, and hair look incredible and make you attractive
  • Support and detox your liver
  • Improve dental and oral health
  • Increases your physical strength
  • Significantly increases your levels of confidence, assertiveness, determination, and drive


  • Safe and natural
  • Easy to prepare- Preparing these herbs takes just 30 seconds a day.
  • Great tasting
  • 100% free from toxic fillers and harmful additives
  • It is in the form of a powder which is easily absorbable.
  • An effective dose
  • Dramatically improve the quality of life
  • Reasonable cost (97$ for one month supply)


  • It is not available in stores.
  • Only available on their official site.


Rock hard formula is 100% safe and natural product. It is cost-effective, neither expensive nor cheap. It will work for you in a short and long- term endowing you with boners so hard and impressive your woman won’t be able to keep her hands off you in the bedroom with sky-high confidence level. So, it is fairly reasonable to give it a try.

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