Vision 20/20 Protocol Review

Vision 20/20 Protocol Review

Seeing people with eyesight makes you appreciate the real value of your vision.

With poor eyesight, you will not enjoy the beauty of light and color. Not only that, but you will also feel uncomfortable with all your movements. There are some instances that you may need your family or friends to look after you. Above all, it can affect your overall productivity at work.

The good news is that the Vision 20 20 Protocol was created. But what is this program all about anyway? Is it effective in improving one’s eyesight? What are the benefits of getting this eBook?

To help you answer all those questions, we give you this careful Vision 20 20 Protocol review. If you are ready to improve your eyesight, then let’s get started!

Introducing Vision 20 20 Protocol

First, let’s uncover what Vision 20 20 Protocol really is.

Developed by Dr. David Lewis, Vision 20 20 Protocol is an eBook that will help you take care of your eyes. You can restore your vision naturally. In other words, no need for you to undergo surgery just to see clearly.

With Vision 20 20 Protocol, you know exactly what are the things you need to do to restore your vision. It comes with a scientific method that corrects vision disorders. This guide promises to enable you to achieve 20/20 vision in just a matter of three weeks.

The Creation of Vision 20 20 Protocol

When Dr. Lewis started losing his eyesight, he came up with an idea of creating a solution to this problem. At the time, he was told that he only had six months of vision left, a sadness came to his way.

Instead of letting that sadness consume him, he started to conduct a series of research. He discovered that our ancestors have crystal clear vision due to the nutritious they eat. So, he visited a nutrition to help him formulate a nutritional plan. After a few weeks, he also developed several exercises that may restore his vision.

How Does Vision 20 20 Protocol Work?

Vision 20 20 Protocol comes with simple diet plans that include all the necessary nutrients for optimum eye function. We find the plans very easy to follow. You can combine them with your diet.

Another interesting thing about this program is that there’s no dieting involved. Meaning, you can do anything and everything you want. All you have to do is to follow the delicious and easy to prepare recipes simply.

With the help of this eBook, you have the best time discovering the real reason why your eyes fail to function the way it should be. This program will let you realize that poor eyesight or vision disorder is not age-related and even something to do with genetics.

Other than a diet plan, Vision 20 20 Protocol also comes with a few exercises. Performing these exercises will help to improve your vision. It will help you repair the eye cells while promoting the regeneration of dying retina cells.

This Protocol is clinically tested and proven to reverse eye problems such as degeneration diabetic retinopathy, cataract, astigmatism, glaucoma, and myopia. These eye problems commonly cause loss of vision and blindness.

What Does Vision 20 20 Protocol Offer?

Vision 20 20 Protocol will help you improve your eyesight naturally in different ways, such as:

  • Delicious Smoothies Recipes

The eBook will introduce you to many delicious smoothies. You can prepare these smoothies easily. That’s because the ingredients are readily available. According to Dr. Lewis, the smoothies help in restoring the failing vision of his wife.

  • Quick Start Guide

Vision 20 20 Protocol offers a quick start guide. It will help you gain ideas on how you can both achieve and maintain a crystal-clear vision. You will discover the original aboriginal foods as well as the toxic food that you need to avoid.

This eBook will reveal to you the foods you need to flush the free radicals out of retina and macula. Additionally, these foods will reverse vision disorder while restoring 20/20 vision within three weeks.

  • Essential Eight Package

As you purchase, Vision 2020 Protocol is consisting of Eight Essential packages. This package is consisting of eye charts and a home-based vision test. That is to help you monitor your improvements or progress.

Benefits of Vision 20 20 Protocol

Getting yourself a copy of Vision 20 20 Protocol, you will learn the following:

  • How to cook delicious yet nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Essential exercises that can strengthen the eye muscles
  • How to get rid of glasses
  • How to easily track the progress in the meal plans and exercises
  • How to clean the eyes
  • How to flush out the free radicals
  • Discover the role of glasses and their negative impact to the eyes

Pros and Cons of Vision 20 20 Protocol

Now, let’s get into the pros and cons of the eBook.


  • All recipes involve natural ingredients
  • Restores vision
  • Keeps 20/20 vision throughout your life
  • User-friendly as there is no complicated steps and instructions
  • Easy to download after the purchase 
  • Easy to carry anywhere on any of the book reader devices
  • Clear and easily understand the language
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Effective and available for everyone
  • Crystal clear vision without the needs of medication or painful surgery
  • Saves time and money
  • No dangers or side effects


  • The eBook is available for download only on the official site
  • You need to follow both the recipes and exercises religiously to ensure noticeable improvements
  • You cannot expect for a miracle overnight cure

Final Verdict

After plenty of research and clinical trial, Vision 20 20 Protocol will give you a reliable guide to improve your vision. After you purchased and downloaded the eBook, you will shop for the ingredients necessary for the recipes. This eBook involves a nutritional plan that will introduce you to basic foods. These foods are known to repair damaged eye cells.

Remember that a clear vision can make a difference. So, do not let poor eyesight affect the quality of your life. Start taking care of your eyes now!

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